EXO-K – Heart Attack Lyrics

Romanization & English Translation

nuni meoreo cheoeumbuteo eotteon bitto musaekke hal banjjagim neoneun ganghan flashlight
ajikkkaji neoui moseup girigiri choreuseureumhan jansangeuro nama flash back
gin miro sogeul georeosseo neol darmeun hwanyeong sairo
son daheul deutan ne moseup heogonge soneul jeoeumyeo

meorissoge dama dun dan hananeun only you
kkok hyeonsil gateun hwansange nan michyeoganeun jung
oh no no anigetji jinjja neon anigetji
mam jomajoma jorimyeonseo dagaganeun sungan

* sungan Heart Attack i siganui kkeut
nal apdohaneun sesang gajang hwangholhan neukkimui Heart Attack
i sumi meojeodo joheul mankeum neon gakkawo

** Heart Attack gidarimui kkeut
teojil geot gatdeon nae simjangeul joyonghi umkyeojwin goyoham
i sumi meojeodo joheul mankeum pyeonghwarowo jigeum

ireokedo nunbusin i sarajigo amugeotdo ttokgatjiga anhasseo rago
tto gonggideureun jeongchedoego gudeobeoryeo sumeul swil su jocha eobseosseo rago
neoege mareul georeosseo deullineunji moreujiman
geu moksorie nolla neon dwidorabogin haetjiman

chojeom heundeullineun nun naegen jungyohan jilmun
eojjeomyeon na jasindo ajik mitgi himdeun deut
oh no no anigetji jinjja neon anigetji
geu jogeumahan ne eolguri sone danneun sungan

* Repeat

** Repeat

mideodo doegenni kkumiramyeon
na ireoke apeuji anheul geoya
hayake bitnaneun neoreul ango
idaero modeun ge meomchundamyeon

* Repeat

** Repeat


I’m blinded by you, who shines so that all other light becomes colorless, you’re a strong flashlight
You still remain as a strong afterimage, a flashback
I walked through a long maze, in between visions of you
It seems like I can touch you but my hand goes through empty air

The only thing in my head is only you
I’m going crazy over the fantasy that seems like reality
Oh no no, it can’t be, it can’t be really you
The moment I go to you, with a pounding heart…

* For a moment, I get a heart attack, in the end
The world overwhelms me with an ecstatic feeling of this heart attack
You’re so close that I don’t care if I stop breathing

** Heart Attack – at the end of waiting
My heart that is about to burst falls silent
I’m so peaceful that I don’t care if I stop breathing

You dazzle so much that after you disappeared, nothing stayed the same
The air got congested and hardened so I couldn’t even breathe
I said something to you, even though you might not have heard
But you heard me and got surprised by my voice and turned around

My eyes shake as I ask an important question
I might not even believe in it myself
Oh no no, it can’t be, it can’t be really you
The moment my hand touches your small face

* Repeat

** Repeat

Can I believe it if you say it’s a dream?
I won’t hurt like this
I will hug you, who shines brightly
If only everything stops in place

* Repeat

** Repeat

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