EXO-K – Baby, Don´t Cry Lyrics

Romanization & English Translation

deoneun mangseoriji ma jebal nae simjangeul geodueo ga
geurae nalkaroulsurok joha dalbit jochado nuneul gameun bam
na anin dareun namjayeotdamyeon huigeuk anui han gujeorieotdeoramyeon
neoui geu saranggwa bakkun sangcheo modu taewobeoryeo

* Baby don’t cry tonight eodumi geochigo namyeon
Baby don’t cry tonight eobseotdeon iri doel geoya
mulgeopumi doeneun geoseun nega aniya kkeutnae mollaya haetdeon
so Baby don’t cry cry nae sarangi neol jikil teni

ojik seororeul hyanghaeinneun unmyeongeul jugo bada
eotgallil su bakke eomneun geu mankeum deo saranghaesseumeul nan ara
When you smile, sun shines eoneoran teuren chae mot dameul challan
on mame pado chyeo buseojyeo naerijanha oh

Baby don’t cry tonight pokpungi morachineun bam (u~ haneuri muneojil deut)
Baby don’t cry tonight jogeumeun eoullijanha
nunmulboda challanhi bitnaneun i sungan neoreul bonaeya haetdeon
So Baby don’t cry cry nae sarangi gieokdoel teni

eodukeomkeomhan gotongui geuneul wi ibyeorui munteoge naega muchamhi
neomeojyeodo geumajeodo neol wihaeseoramyeon gamdanghal teni
uh, daesin nareul julge birok nal moreuneun neoege
don`t cry, tteugeoun nunmulbodan chadichan useumeul boyeojwo Baby,

Say no more (baby) no more (don`t cry)
jebal mangseorijineun marajwo mulgeopumi doel geu challa
Say no more (baby) no more (don`t cry)
nunbusin sarameuro nameul su itge charari geu kallo nal taewojwo

ne nun soge gadeuk cha oreuneun dalbit woo~
sori eobsi gotong soge heulleo neomchineun i bam

* Repeat

ireun haessari noga naerinda
neoreul darmeun nunbusimi naerinda
gireul irheun nae nuneun ijeya Cry cry cry


Don’t hesitate anymore please, take my heart away
Yes, the sharper it is, the better – even the moonlight shut its eyes tonight
If only it was a different guy and not me, if only it was a line from a comedy
I will burn all of the scars exchanged with your love

* Baby don’t cry tonight – after the darkness passes
Baby don’t cry tonight – none of this will have happened
It’s not you who will become short-lived
So baby don’t cry cry – because my love will protect you

We exchange our fates that are headed toward each other
As much as there was no choice but for us to go awry, I know we have loved that much more
When you smile, sun shines, the brilliance can’t be expressed with the boundaries of language
Waves are crashing down in my heart

Baby don’t cry tonight – on this stormy night (like the sky is about to fall)
Baby don’t cry tonight – it’s fitting for a night like this
I had to let you go in this moment that shines brighter than tears
So baby don’t cry cry – my love will be remembered

On top of the dark shadow of pain, on the threshold of farewell
Even if I cruelly fall down, even that will be for you so I will handle it
Instead, I will give myself to you, who doesn’t even know me
Don’t cry – instead of hot tears, show me cold laughter baby

Say no more (baby) no more (don`t cry)
Please don’t hesitate – just when I’m about to become like foam,
Say no more (baby) no more (don`t cry)
Just burn me with that knife so I can remain as a dazzling person

The moonlight fills your eyes
This night passes silently in pain

* Repeat

The early sunlight melts down
The brightness that resembles you falls down
My eyes that were once lost finally cry cry cries

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